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Oxygen Medical has treated 12,000 Hungarian and 1,500 foreign patients since 2009 and has received outstanding feedback over the years. Read our testimonials and make sure you choose the right clinic to renew your smile or for treatments.

Ms Linda Dolan (Regional Account Manager, Lenovo Ireland)

Just finally getting back on top of my workload following my visit to you guys in Budapest. I wanted to write you to thank you properly for everything you did for me on my visit.
From the beginning you were more than helpful, with flights, hotel recommendations, coming up with suggestions for entertainment etc for myself and my son whilst we stayed. Picking us up from the airport, providing maps, directions and subway tickets etc, the service was exceptional. The fact that you were there from beginning to end and on hand all the time to help was marvellous, I am truly grateful.

Budapest is beautiful and your facilities are second to none, completely modern and more advanced in technology than anything I have seen here. Dr. Stremen was fantastic, fun, friendly and quite obviously very dedicated to achieving the best results.I liked how she put together a couple of suggested plans for me from the onset and helped me choose the most appropriate. She was also incredibly gentle and reassuring and probably the best dentist I have ever been to! I liked how I didnt have to endure too much in the chair on any one day and how all the treatments were spaced out accordingly, I know I was lucky to have had twelve days to stay with you but I am pretty confident you could have accomodated whatever time frame I had available.

I was worried about bringing my son as I thought he would be bored with the waiting etc, but giving him the ipad to play with was a great idea and I know he was safe at all times, surprislingly he quiet enjoyed his visits to the surgery, this is thanks to you and your colleagues.
As for the work itself, I am only too delighted with the final results, which I never thought could be achieved. In fact, I had been told by dentists in Ireland it couldnt be..which goes to prove that we obviously do not have the same level of expertise here. In terms of the overall cost, it was worth every euro and I know that if I could have received the same treatment here or elsewhere it would have cost at least twice as much if not a lot more.

I would not hesistate in recommending Oxygen Medical to anyone from Ireland who is thinking about having dental work carried out abroad. My experience was nothing but positive and coming from someone who does not like dentists as a rule, this is saying something :-))

I wish you and the team all the best and future sucess and I hope that you continue doing for others what you have done for me. Being able to smile now with confidence is fantastic and will make a big differance to my personal and professional life and I can not thank you enough for helping to make this happen.

Kind Regards, Linda Dolan"

Mr N. Ingolfsrud (Norway)

"Dear Beata,

After a long period I lived with an imperfect smile, I was very excited in the last days at the clinic. Waited for the perfect prosthesis so long, and at the end, I wasn't disappointed.

My smile was never so beautiful as it now, and I'm very proud. Heading to the airport I just smiled and smiled, and it was easy to be nice with everyone, because I had always the opportunity to show my new look.
Now I think this changing will transform my life, and I can't wait to show the result to my friends and relatives. I can tell you this: my wife almost didn't come to know me.

I want to thank all of you the help, without you guys it couldn't happen. Please give to Mr. Ivanyi and Ms. Benkő my compliments, they did a first-class job.
Wish you the best of luck, and I leave word to my fellow Norwegians: don't wait too much go to Hungary for a better denture. Every Krones and days are worth for it.

Best regards, N. Ingolfsrud"

Mr M. Koskinen (Finland)

"Nice clinic, friendly staff!
I arrived to Budapest be ashamed because of my condition, but the dentist, Mr Iványi was very sympathetic, and helped me to understand the possibilities. I got an All-on-4 with metal-ceramic crowns, and I'm thankful for everyone at Oxygen Medical.
I was hoping that they could solve my problem with fix solution, and All-on-4 paid off well so far.
Thanks for everything, see each other the next yearly controll!"

Mr A. Gerber (Germany)

"Dear All at Oxygen Medical! I'm very thankful for the job you've done, and because of you I can smile and eat and enjoy whatever and whenever I want. I know it was not easy, but you've overcame the problems and gave me what I hoped for! Be good!"